It’s nice to read beats pro review

MaBelle's Online Journal-Rants December 18th, 2016 |

Who loves beats brand? Do you love it? I am sure you do like beats. As what I can read about beats pro review, this thing is pretty awesome. It even encouraged me to buy it for myself this Christmas. There are times that a person needs to reward her own self for doing all the works and it is always good to buy beautiful stuffs. This will be a gift to myself this holiday.

Closure of the past

MaBelle's Online Journal-Rants December 14th, 2016 |

The past doesn’t have a room in the present times and mostly it doesn’t have room in the future. But there are times that you need to have some closures of that particular past so that you can move on. And that is what I am doing presently. It is like this, I insulted a guy who courted me when I was in my teens and I felt lighter right now as I said sorry to him. Well, that’s only in fb but at least I said sorry to him. And that’s it. He has a family with kids right now and I have my own. It is just so nice to befriend with what’s left behind in the past life.

Wax Berries

MaBelle's Online Journal-Rants December 9th, 2016 |

Waxberry picking in a nearby town? Yes, that is. My friend notified my this morning that we are going to push through with our planned getaway with Little, our closest nurse friend here in RuiAn. I was quite surprised for I never thought that we are going today. I knew before that we are going there this Thursday so I asked when and where. Ann told me it’s gonna be at lunch time and that means in a few minutes from the time I woke up, 10a.m. Read the rest of this entry »

My favorite music store

MaBelle's Online Journal-Rants November 4th, 2016 |

When I was working, I have a certain street that I would like to drive in going home. And that was the street on where I can see my favorite music store. It’s a band instrument stores near me and it has everything that a music enthusiast need or want. The reason why I liked to pass in that street was that I want to know if they were having huge sales. I loved that store.

Calculating my monthly income asap

MaBelle's Online Journal-Rants November 3rd, 2016 |

It is almost end of the year 2016 and it means tax time. I said to myself early this year that I will be calculating my income every month so that I will not be loaded at the end of the year but I am not doing it. And so right now, I am still not done even for January or any months. I hope I can fix this thing as soon as possible so that my family can file tax early next year.