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The Moon rotates around the Earth through its own axis and it does not rotate around the Sun by itself

MaBelleverlsating-Education April 5th, 2014 |

Mother: The moon rotates around the sun and it is a stone. It doesn’t have its own light coz it relies on the sun.
Son: No it will rotate around d earth. Look at d brain pop Jr. and it will show the moon rotates around the earth.
Mama: (Looks at the internet so that she can win the argument. But when she reads, she finds out that the moon rotates around the earth through its own axis in which she forgot about her lesson during her student days. TOINK!)
Son: See the moon rotates around the earth!
Mama: Ah I remember the earth has 1 moon and other planets have more than 1.
Son: (He makes drawing and then he explains it.)

Mama: The earth cannot leave the moon behind while it is rotating around the sun in 365 days so meaning the moon also rotates around the sun but together with the earth.
Son: (He insists that the moon won’t rotate around the sun because it will ONLY rotate around the earth.)
Mama: (Pointing on the drawing of the homeschool kid.) Where is the moon when the earth rotates on this area in your drawing? The earth cannot say to the moon to stay behind coz she will rotate around the earth. The earth and the moon will rotate together around the sun.
Son: (He cannot accept the explanation of his mother.)
Daddy: (Joins the conversation.) The moon is within the gravitational system of the earth.

Then the Mama and the Son quits the arguments. BWAHAHAHA!

And the reason why the Son is silent is that he makes another drawing – The Galaxy and he explains it again to his mother. TOINK!

And then the Son is angry and at the same time laughing with what his mother say — Since the moon is a stone, soon it will become a meteorRRR….BWAHAHAHA!

Nah, this is just a typical conversation of the family that loves to stay in the house most of the time doing homeschooling five days a week (sometimes 7 days when we need to finish the assignments being assigned for the week). And yes, my son is correct with his belief that the moon is rotating around the Earth through its own axis. I am just arguing with my homeschool son so that he will not know that I forgot my lesson when I was still studying. I shared this with my friends and they said that my son is a smart kid. Smart, maybe and I hope so. If he can perfect his writing skills, I mean if he can teach himself to love writing, I think this will match his smartness as he is not that good yet with his writing. For him, writing is like a burden on him – it is like carrying the whole wide world coz by just looking at the pencil he will count the letters and he will say that the things that he needs to write is too many. But whenever it is homeschooling day, he will win over writing as he will force himself to write those things that he needs to. LOL He-he-he!

I know as he grows bigger, he will learn to love writing and with that I will not be asking too much for him to write this and that. He is a smart kid coz when I will explain to him with just one explanation, he can easily understand and he can easily finds the answers.

I just love helping him in his studies. And in the coming years, I will be homeschooling two kids as I would definitely homeschool my baby girl. Homeschooling is challenging and it is fun!

Number tracing app – good for toddlers and kids

MaBelleverlsating-Education January 11th, 2014 |

123 tracing free – Kids Academy

What I like with this educational app from Kids Academy is that toddlers and kids would be motivated in learning how to write numbers from 1 to 10. The voice of the woman is so cool as well especially when she would say the words “excellent, nice, good job, try again – it’s easy, okay one more time, you rock, great, etc.” This is one app that my little toddler loves to play every day. She loves the colors of the fireflies and she loves to let it go once she would complete the whole number tracing. It’s fun and nice app to have for toddlers and kids.

Online math resources for 3rd graders

MaBelleverlsating-Education September 25th, 2012 |

When I was in my elementary years, I didn’t know about computers and that was way back middle 80s. Compare to these high technology days wherein students from pre-school to elementary, middle school, high school, and college will have computers and internet access anytime they want. There are lots of resources over the internet if this thing is properly used. Just like for elementary mostly for 3rd graders wherein they can easily print out 3rd grade math worksheets if they want to have additional materials in learning Math. Students will just have to browse for the website that they need in order to have math worksheets for 3rd graders. For other grade levels, I am surely there are lots of materials that will help students to be more brilliant in school.

Scribble and write

MaBelleverlsating-Education December 19th, 2011 |

I will always value learning, school, and education. I will even appreciate those people who will continue studying even if they’re already married and old, or those professionals who want to pursue other field of studies.

Anyway, I am saying this with regards to this leap frog product. Even if this is for three years old but then, I think it will still be of use for my home schooling five year old kid because there is a + sign which means for 3 years old and older. I am also thinking that this is even useful for those adults who are learning and who want to learn how to write.

Before I wrapped this, my kid is already using this thing. I asked him if he wanted this to be wrapped so that he can open it during Christmas and he said yes. But he tried to exhaust himself with using this before he handed it to me. What a kid! He’s just eager to have a regular schooling and to learn more. But then homeschooling is best for him for some reason and is the only thing for him to learn. Hope I did my best and hope he is learning from what I taught him through the materials I am providing him.