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Using coupon codes in buying new things for my kids

MaBelle's Online Journal-Accessories-Clothing, Family-Parenting, Gift Ideas March 20th, 2012 |

Last Saturday, I wanted to shop using a gift card that’s being given to my family last December 2011. I tried to check the balance if it was still available, and gladly, the amount was intact because it stated that there was no expiry or anything. It’s just that there will be a deduction when during the first use the card there will have a remaining balance. I was happy upon knowing it but then I opted not to shop last weekend since I didn’t feel like going around uptown and visit my favorite stores. That day, I was thinking that maybe, online shopping this week would help me in buying things that I need. Oh, don’t think that I will shop gifts for my own use.  I don’t need anything and since then, I will just be shopping for my two kids. I need spring clothes and accessories for my almost 6 year old boy and also for my 8 months old baby girl.

And speaking of online shopping, I think, it is a wise idea if I will shop at Bloomingdales and somehow use Bloomingdales coupon code. I believe that the gift card that I have right now will go a long way. I mean, I can buy lots of goodies for my two kids with the aid of discount codes. In fact, while pausing in writing my site’s update, I am also browsing the kid’s section of Bloomingdales. And I am so happy to see cute clothes, footwear, and accessories. I know that my kids will love all of these things. I can’t wait to finish my online shopping. Also, I am longing to receive my orders so that my kids can use their new things! In order for me to receive the goodies that I need for my kids, I will just have the fast shipping! So, ciao!

I am still wearing my maxi maternity dresses

MaBelle's Online Journal-Accessories-Clothing December 14th, 2011 |

One of the things that I love buying online when I was pregnant with my baby girl was sexy maternity dresses. The colors that I love were all feminine ones. My 2nd pregnancy was totally different from my first one in which I didn’t like girly look as I wanted to wear jeans and pants during those 9 months. But with my baby girl, seemed like, I feel like a total woman that time. Even until now, I am still wearing my maternity dresses ‘coz it’s comfy, nice and it will always make me warm since I chose to buy maxi maternity dresses.

Rewarding myself

MaBelle's Online Journal-Accessories-Clothing October 30th, 2011 |

For all these years, I am just staying at home most of the time. I may not be that constant with doing the house chores but I always take good care of my family mostly my kids. And so with this I am thinking of giving my own self any of the citizen watches that I’ve seen online the other day. Sometimes it is always good to give a self-reward for being a home buddy. It’s like one way of motivating my own self in taking care of my family.