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Beautiful bridesmaid dresses

MaBelle's Online Journal-Fashion - Beauty March 28th, 2015 |

Wedding is not possible without a bridesmaid and so there is a need to have her cloth with elegant design of dress. And at, there is this Bridesmaid Dress Floor Length Satin Trumpet Mermaid Strapless Dress that I love most. It is just so eye catching and it is worth the money. I am sure that buying this can make any bridesmaid look stunning and beautiful. The color brown is elegant and the fabric is satin. This dress must be comfortable to wear since it is satin made. There is also a built-in bra in which it is a great plus to the item.

So, are you about to be wed? If you are, do check on this style of dress and see if this is okay for your bridesmaid. For me, I do love everything about the dress. How I wish I can be a bridesmaid for once in my life. Anyway, do check for any bridesmaid dresses!

Fantastic Imported cosmetics online

MaBelle's Online Journal-Fashion - Beauty September 22nd, 2014 |

Everyone loves to have famous brand of cosmetics. There are people who love to shop on the store and others love to online as they have varieties of choices from different stores. Both shopping online and in store have advantages. Though there are some who loves to shop online as they can shop locally and from international, just like Cosmetics Online. The stocks of this online store for cosmetics are imported from Dubai.

If you like imported products do check this out as all products for men, women, and kids are all fantastic. Again, you can check these imported products at with contact number +88017-81882888.

Cool Men’s fashion swimwear

MaBelle's Online Journal-Fashion - Beauty, Gift Ideas, Shopping September 20th, 2014 |

In some part of the country, summer is whole year round. In some, there are four seasons. Now, to those who will enjoy summer the whole year, swimwear is a must especially if you love to dip in the cool waters. And wearing women and mens swimwear  must be chosen properly in which it depends on your preferred styles. But I think, it is not just ordinary fashion-swimwear but wearing the coolest one would be great. There are different types of swimwear for men and that is from “Bikini & Micro bikini men’s swimwear styles to thong men’s swimwear, short shorts men’s swimwear and play wear, G-string style men’s swimwear designs, male enhancement men’s swimwear designs, stimulation style men’s swimwear styles, and male to female transformation swim and under designs”. Are you interested in knowing all about these and perhaps buy men’s swimwear? If you are do, just visit for the coolest and hottest swimwear for men!