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I do love made in the USA products esp home air filters

MaBelleverlsating-Home-Office Improvement August 17th, 2014 |

You know what, I do love products that have these words “Made in the USA”, most especially the one that I’ll be using in my home (like air filter and other stuff). I just love products which are locally made. It is not only helping the economy with patronizing the local made product but a buyer can be sure that it is made with quality with the right materials. And with this unique home air filter that’s made here in the country means, I am buying quality made products that will serve its purpose in my home.  I am always looking to see goodies with “Made in the USA” label.  I hope to see these very often in the coming days and in the coming years.

In need of portable dishwasher

MaBelleverlsating-Home-Office Improvement October 14th, 2011 |

I am particular with brands of the things that I am going to buy most especially when it comes to home and office appliances. I want it to be branded because I believe that good brands will last longer.

And as of the present, my family is in need of a new dishwasher. And if it’s possible, what I want to buy is this bosch dishwasher. I need the portable one because of the space in the house. Hope I can find a good deal with this brand because I do love Bosch appliances!

A makeover for her new beautiful place

MaBelleverlsating-Home-Office Improvement October 12th, 2011 |

My cousin Linda who’s living in Vegas just had a home – office makeover. She just moved in her new place like last September but she was not contented with the furniture that the first owner of that house left.

In the bedroom of her kid, she bought a pirate ship bed because that’s the request of her one and only son. That kid loved pirate a lot and in order for him to have a comfort inside his room, my cousin just gave him what he wanted.

Another thing that she replaced was the mirrors. She bought sunburst mirrors and put it in the living room, her bedroom and her home – office area. She also replaced her desk with a glass office desk.

After she made all of those changes, she’s kind of relieved and contented with what she had. As much as she wanted to replace most of the things but she said that those replaced things would be all for the present time. Her next home – office makeover will be this December whenever her funds will be okay and whenever her time will permit her to do whatever she wanted in her new beautiful place.

To have a clean, healthy, and comfy home to live with

MaBelleverlsating-Home-Office Improvement July 8th, 2011 |

During the time that we had problems with too much humidity, we thought of buying dehumidifiers. But when we visited the nearby stores in our area, we could hardly find any dehumidifier unit at all. So, what we did, we visited to check for some reviews or any dehumidifying services. Upon reading the site, it was then we thought of either to buy dehumidifiers Austin or we will just be renting one.

At first, we just rented a dehumidifier and our problems with too much humidity were solved. We also asked professional cleaners to do some cleaning in our place.  But then after realizing everything, we thought of buying our dehumidifier unit so that we can easily use it anytime we need to. Though, sometimes, we also will be asking for some cleaning services from those professional cleaners that helped us with the humidity problems in our home sweet home. Besides, those people can just perform any cleaning services that we need them to accomplish for us to have a clean, healthy, and comfortable place to live with!

Eliminate weeds

MaBelleverlsating-Home-Office Improvement July 8th, 2011 |

During spring and summer time, most problems of green thumb homeowners are the weeds around their patios and around their yards. With this, the solution is to buy the weed eliminators that will usually destroy unwanted plants in four months or more. Just like this brand!

Note: I took this photo when we visited Lowe’s store!