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Can eat fish and shellfish now

MaBelleverlsating-Family-Parenting, Fitness-Health, Food June 30th, 2017 |

Finally my son can eat fish and shellfish. When he was small, I cannot give him any seafood coz I was afraid he will have allergic reaction. But this year, we went to an allergist and he’s being skin tested. The result was that he’s okay to eat fish and shellfish. So, yesterday I cooked a battered fish (wild caught) and he liked it. The next time I will go to the grocery, I will buy halibut fish and Alaskan cod so that I can cook it for him and the entire family. Thank you Lord for the healing of my son! I am hoping and praying that my son is going to be food allergy free soonest. Thank you God for the healing!

Egg and Cow’s milk Free Pancake

MaBelleverlsating-Family-Parenting, Food June 17th, 2017 |

I want to cook an Egg and Cow’s milk Free Pancake for my whole family as my son is allergy to eggs and cow’s milk. The usual pancake mix that I bought is this KRUSTEAZ complete pancake mix blueberry coz the only thing that is needed is water. And today, I shaped it with a star cookie cutter to make it attractive to my kiddos. My daughter just had one piece while my son has two pieces of pancakes. I gave them the plate with strawberries and syrup (Log Cabin pancake syrup). And this is my plate: pancake, strawberry, butter and syrup. It’s yummy and it’s filling to our tummy.


MaBelleverlsating-Food November 1st, 2011 |

Yum pork skin! Though, I usually call it chicharon since this is what people call it in Ph. Anyway, I paired this with vinegar and one pack was not enough. I ate two packs at once and was craving for more. He-he!