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Egg and Cow’s milk Free Pancake

MaBelleverlsating-Family-Parenting, Food June 17th, 2017 |

I want to cook an Egg and Cow’s milk Free Pancake for my whole family as my son is allergy to eggs and cow’s milk. The usual pancake mix that I bought is this KRUSTEAZ complete pancake mix blueberry coz the only thing that is needed is water. And today, I shaped it with a star cookie cutter to make it attractive to my kiddos. My daughter just had one piece while my son has two pieces of pancakes. I gave them the plate with strawberries and syrup (Log Cabin pancake syrup). And this is my plate: pancake, strawberry, butter and syrup. It’s yummy and it’s filling to our tummy.


MaBelleverlsating-Food November 1st, 2011 |

Yum pork skin! Though, I usually call it chicharon since this is what people call it in Ph. Anyway, I paired this with vinegar and one pack was not enough. I ate two packs at once and was craving for more. He-he!