Do it now

MaBelleverlsating-Positivity in life January 1st, 2018 |

One day you will wake up, and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. DO IT NOW. – Paulo Coelho

I always hear my mother before telling me: Don’t wait for tomorrow, do the things that you can today. I love to procrastinate before and even these days. I have to get rid of procrastination so that my life will be better than before. I need to work harder and smarter for myself and for my families.

Power Puff Girls – Blossom Belle

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If you are a collector of Power puff girls, do check Belleverlasting on eBay. If your kid loves #Powerpuffgirls, check this one out as well. In this one, you can see the beautiful Blossom Belle with hair brush that you can use in combing and play this beautiful doll. Shop now!

Do some research and comparison before buying car

MaBelleverlsating-Automotive August 27th, 2017 |

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In life, everything is confusing when a person does not love to read and research on things that he/she wants to do.  But when he/she loves to read about just anything, there will be the best guide that she can enjoy.  The world is high tech these days, and it is easy to read about all things, like when a person wants to buy a very important thing, like house, car, and more.

Speaking of buying a car, rushing into any purchase would not help any bit.  First, doing some research about that particular car make will always help a car shopper. And then, comparing one dealer to another plus other benefits would result in some savings as it will be easy to find a lower price.  Another thing is that price negotiation can also aid a person especially when he/she is on a tight budget or even just for the sake of buying the baseline price.

So, are you going to purchase a car?  If yes, then, do some research and comparison at as this website is one of the leading places for car buyers before their purchase.  Also, is one of the “leading digital automotive platform” available these days. It helps connect car shoppers to find local car dealers in the entire country.  There are lots of content that expert people wrote which are a good source of knowledge in any types of vehicles from brands A to Z.  Additionally, there are millions of listings for used, new, or certified pre-owned vehicles.  There are also lots of consumers’ reviews which are a good source of knowledge about just any car.

What are you waiting? Do visit and learn more about the vehicle that you want to purchase before buying one.

Learning from my mistakes once again

MaBelleverlsating-Finance August 16th, 2017 |

The saying goes, “Learn from every mistake you’ve made.” And I think I have more than enough mistakes in my life with regards to my finances. I used my credit before earning something, and so it is enough. All of the things that I have paid using my credit cards are not a mistake. I just need it most especially in processing some papers and in providing something for my families. But then, this is it right now. I need to shred my cards and live with what I got. I know God is working for my good and I have to wait for his perfect timing. There will be miracles in my finances soonest, and I do believe in that. I trust, and I have faith in God that he is helping me out. Thank you, God!

Can eat fish and shellfish now

MaBelleverlsating-Family-Parenting, Fitness-Health, Food June 30th, 2017 |

Finally my son can eat fish and shellfish. When he was small, I cannot give him any seafood coz I was afraid he will have allergic reaction. But this year, we went to an allergist and he’s being skin tested. The result was that he’s okay to eat fish and shellfish. So, yesterday I cooked a battered fish (wild caught) and he liked it. The next time I will go to the grocery, I will buy halibut fish and Alaskan cod so that I can cook it for him and the entire family. Thank you Lord for the healing of my son! I am hoping and praying that my son is going to be food allergy free soonest. Thank you God for the healing!

Egg and Cow’s milk Free Pancake

MaBelleverlsating-Family-Parenting, Food June 17th, 2017 |

I want to cook an Egg and Cow’s milk Free Pancake for my whole family as my son is allergy to eggs and cow’s milk. The usual pancake mix that I bought is this KRUSTEAZ complete pancake mix blueberry coz the only thing that is needed is water. And today, I shaped it with a star cookie cutter to make it attractive to my kiddos. My daughter just had one piece while my son has two pieces of pancakes. I gave them the plate with strawberries and syrup (Log Cabin pancake syrup). And this is my plate: pancake, strawberry, butter and syrup. It’s yummy and it’s filling to our tummy.

So grateful for God’s unconditional love and support

MaBelleverlsating-Positivity in life May 27th, 2017 |

I do believe when it seems like there is nothing in life, it means that God has something wonderful in the coming days. That is what I’ve experienced in my life. Sometimes it is days or months, but after God’s work is finished, there will be so many immeasurable things that will come my way. Thanks God for his unconditional love and support.

Everyone needs love and kindness not racism

MaBelleverlsating-Positivity in life May 17th, 2017 |

Today, I’ve read about that woman in an airplane who experienced some sort of racism together with her friend (and I think you’ve read it too coz it’s all over the internet).

Her experience brought back a memory of mine wherein I experienced racism with a woman who’s saying not so good words on me. My experience was that I bought bread from a store nearby my place. Since it was just near, I’ve decided to walk. When I was there, I chose the bread that I wanted to buy and other sweet delicacies. When I was done, I brought all the goodies that I wanted to buy on the counter. The cashier looked at me and then she asked me in a rude way, “What are you going to pay for these? We will not accept food stamps!” I was shocked and at the same time I felt humiliated. The only words that I spoked to her, “I will pay all of these with my cards.”

On my way home, I pondered with her words. Why was she saying to me like that? Do I look homeless? What’s wrong with my clothes and with my Asian look? Am I begging for something? Do I look like I don’t have at least 10 bucks to pay for the goods that I want to buy?

I was angry thinking about her words (it’s like after shocked). So, the next time that I was there, I used my car, I dressed up properly, I combed my hair, used my branded bag, used my branded wallet, and I put on some perfume. It was like a sweet revenge on a garbage minded person like her.

Anyway, after several months, that bread store that was there for a long time was closed. It was sad to know about it but, oh well, with an employee like her; it wasn’t good for the business owner to have. I just hope that, that person has something good in life coz despite of what she spoke to me; everyone needs something to receive in order to live and provide for one’s self and the family.

I just hate racist people. Everyone is equal despite of the status in life, the color of the skin, the religion, and etc. We are created equal by God and we are all travelers in this world. I just hope that everyone can spread love and kindness instead of being racist!

Need to get up and do things coz it’s late

MaBelleverlsating-Positivity in life May 9th, 2017 |

I wish I can bring a stove and some cooking ingredients so that I can cook while bringing my kids out. So that when we will be home we can have some home cooked meal. Anyway, it is already almost 9pm right now but there’s no food. And so I have to get up and cook. My kids and I were out twice today for dental appointment and when we were home we were preparing for church’s RCIA. Well, this is life of a mother. Work almost 24hours a day without day offs and without monetary compensation. It’s just fine though for as long as my kids are healthy.


MaBelleverlsating-Positivity in life May 7th, 2017 |

I wish I can turn back the time like when I had my first job, I’d probably be saving a lot. I also wish I can turn back my time when I had my first dollar earnings, perhaps, I would have save more. Read the rest of this entry »