Everyone needs love and kindness not racism

MaBelleverlsating-Positivity in life May 17th, 2017 |

Today, I’ve read about that woman in an airplane who experienced some sort of racism together with her friend (and I think you’ve read it too coz it’s all over the internet).

Her experience brought back a memory of mine wherein I experienced racism with a woman who’s saying not so good words on me. My experience was that I bought bread from a store nearby my place. Since it was just near, I’ve decided to walk. When I was there, I chose the bread that I wanted to buy and other sweet delicacies. When I was done, I brought all the goodies that I wanted to buy on the counter. The cashier looked at me and then she asked me in a rude way, “What are you going to pay for these? We will not accept food stamps!” I was shocked and at the same time I felt humiliated. The only words that I spoked to her, “I will pay all of these with my cards.”

On my way home, I pondered with her words. Why was she saying to me like that? Do I look homeless? What’s wrong with my clothes and with my Asian look? Am I begging for something? Do I look like I don’t have at least 10 bucks to pay for the goods that I want to buy?

I was angry thinking about her words (it’s like after shocked). So, the next time that I was there, I used my car, I dressed up properly, I combed my hair, used my branded bag, used my branded wallet, and I put on some perfume. It was like a sweet revenge on a garbage minded person like her.

Anyway, after several months, that bread store that was there for a long time was closed. It was sad to know about it but, oh well, with an employee like her; it wasn’t good for the business owner to have. I just hope that, that person has something good in life coz despite of what she spoke to me; everyone needs something to receive in order to live and provide for one’s self and the family.

I just hate racist people. Everyone is equal despite of the status in life, the color of the skin, the religion, and etc. We are created equal by God and we are all travelers in this world. I just hope that everyone can spread love and kindness instead of being racist!