Love and think positive

MaBelleverlsating-Positivity in life May 5th, 2017 |

Thinking positive is needed. Disregard the negative for they are garbage in our minds and hearts. We need to only see the good side as always to be a good child and worker of God. We are here on earth for a reason but we cannot perform that reason fully if we always think negative. Holding anger is abnormal. That is not how God made us. We are love and we are made out of love because God is love. And so we need to just feel the love and all the positive things as much as we can. Carrying hatred and anger and all negativity is not what we are made for. Whatever the situation we are in right now, we only need to see the bright AS ALWAYS. We are at the right place and at the right time with the right people that we need to take care of. We don’t need to over think and over analyze, that will worsen everything. Instead we just need to be grateful for everything we have and we need to praise God for whatever gifts he has been giving us.