Wax Berries

MaBelleverlsating-Positivity in life December 9th, 2016 |

Waxberry picking in a nearby town? Yes, that is. My friend notified my this morning that we are going to push through with our planned getaway with Little, our closest nurse friend here in RuiAn. I was quite surprised for I never thought that we are going today. I knew before that we are going there this Thursday so I asked when and where. Ann told me it’s gonna be at lunch time and that means in a few minutes from the time I woke up, 10a.m. that was. So I hurriedly got out of bed did my laundry and took a ducky shower and head off to meet our friend. Though I wasn’t able to fix myself primly, I was still excited and rearing to go to that waxberry farm of our host – Mr. Wang. He is the doctor colleague of Little. So off we went with eight other colleagues and university friends of Little and Mr. Wang. Our host’s hometown is quite near to our city which is about 20 minutes drive by car from the city proper.

When we arrived at our host’s hometown we were greeted with friendly neighbors and the welcoming father of our host. I was so impressed with the people around that little village. They were so friendly and even they offered us help when we somehow got lost along the way to the farm. We climbed up to the tall mountain where the waxberry farm is and where we will have our first time to pick a waxberry fruit for the first time right from its tree. I really enjoyed my time though I was very hungry at that time that I didn’t care putting some into my little basket. I put all waxberies into my mouth until I was full and couldn’t pick anymore. My friend asked me how was my basket and I just pointed my fingers to my tummy and grinned at her. There she knew that I wasn’t putting many fruits into my basket instead I ate and put many of those in my stomach. Grins.

We went down the mountain with baskets full of waxberries not to mention our heavy-weight tummies. Grins. After our waxberry picking we thought we were heading home but to our surprise that we are going to have dinner in a nearby restaurant famous for its grilled fish and beef. That was the most filling grub I have ever had. I ate much for I wasn’t able to eat my brunch. Grins. I somehow filled myself and to my heart’s content. The company was so nice as well as the chats. I learned a lot and filled a lot today. Smiles.