Losing weight and gain my freedom once again

MaBelleverlsating-Fitness-Health July 28th, 2016 |

It is not my appetite that is bringing my body, it is me and so I will dictate myself when to eat. I don’t want that my appetite will tell me to eat this and that even if I am not hungry. It is not other people that is bring my own self it is me and so even if they said to not be the slim person that they see in me before, but I want to be slim because I am having a hard time carrying my body now that I am almost 130lbs.

I know what I want and what I need. They can suggest anything but it is up to me to take it or not. I like and I love when I am below 100lbs. I am petite and I don’t need extra weight. I feel lighter and I have lots of energy when I am slim. Now that I gained more than 30lbs in around five months, I feel so tired and I am having a hard time walking.

I need to be back in disciplining my own self – tame my tongue, tame my appetite and all. I feel so sluggish with my weight right now. I am so irritable with my bulging tummy. It is like I don’t have self-discipline because I keep on eating and eating too much every day.

When I feel depress, I keep on eating and eating just anything that I think it’s yummy. While I am eating, I feel happy and I feel good. After eating, like when my tummy is full or when the food is gone, I feel even more depress because I know I will gain so much weight.

Now, I need to have a firm self-discipline so that I will lose these extra pounds that I gained in such short period of time after trying to trim it for almost 2 years. I want to have my freedom again by making my body slim and fit. I CAN DO IT.